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Psychometric Count

2014 Tour Announced

The Band is set to conquer 2014 with plans for a massive North American tour. The band, minus founding bassist,

October 25, 2013
Mr.A. Shanmugasundaram – Trainer for Corporates & Educational Institutions

Mr.A. Shanmugasundaram has done his M.Phil in Psychology and has additionally qualified in PGDCP and PGDGC. He is a former

July 18, 2023
Saravana Sampath S – L & D / OD Specialist

Saravana Sampath S is a Learning & Organisation Development professional, who has passionately made a difference to thousands of working

July 18, 2023
Dr. Nundiyny – CSR Consultants

Dr.Nundiyny has done her Ph.d in Sociology and M.S.W in Community Development from Madras School of Social Work. She has

July 18, 2023
Robin Allen Shankar

Robin Allen Shankar is a Holistic Education advocate, people skills trainer, entrepreneur and a school management consultant. An electronic engineer

February 26, 2020
Right Fit Managers

Right Fit™ / Recruitment & Selection for companies About the Assessment & Usage: Increasing costs in recruitment and selection is

July 25, 2018
Employability Quotient

About the Assessment & Usage: : Employment and Employability are staring at each other with mutual skeptism. Employers with their

July 24, 2018
SALES FIT (Managers)

About the assessment & Usage: Often organisations & business owners find that newly hired sales managers fail to live upto

July 13, 2018
Sales Fit(Executives)

About the assessment & Usage: Often organisations & business owners find that newly hired sales executives quit their service untimely

July 13, 2018
Career Sure Test

Career Sure test™ About the Assessment & Usage Choosing one’s Career should precede choosing the course. Unfortunately most parents and

July 13, 2018

WHY HR OUTSOURCING..? Administrative responsibilities can tax any company, but for smaller businesses in particular managing human resources can be

February 16, 2018
Teachers Competencies Assessment

About the assessment & usage: The teaching, teacher and the taught are changing constantly in our socio-eco-political condition and the

October 11, 2017
Life time achievement award

Dr.N. Raj Mohan, Behavioural Scientist and founder of BODHI is awarded ‘Life time achievement award in HR’ by Center for

March 27, 2017
Requirement of Counselor

Bodhi Needs for their ‘ONLINE COUNSELING SERVICES’ Counseling Consultants Counseling Psychologists Employment Status: Freelancing Counseling Associate Employment Status: Part Time

March 27, 2017
BODHI Online Test Portal – Under Maintenance

BODHI Online Test Portal – Under Maintenance  Bodhi Online Test Portal – technical server maintenance is under process, will be available soon.

December 24, 2016
December 24, 2016
Ms. Sowmya

Sowmya Ramanathan is a result oriented and value driven HR Leader specialized in People Strategy, Organization Development, Culture Building, Partnering

December 24, 2016
V.V. Lakshminarayanan

Mr. Lakshminarayanan is an Engineer ( EEE) and has more than 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience, heading senior

December 24, 2016
Kalavathi Amarachelvam

Mrs. Kalavathi Amarachelvam is a postgraduate in medical and psychiatric work from Stella Maris College, Chennai. She is also a

December 24, 2016

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July 15, 2015
Ms. Lavanya Raj’s article in The Hindu, Nxg. Date: 02/04/2009

Choose your job I conducted a study three years ago on what influences students to choose their career options. What

July 14, 2015