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What does it take to be a “GREAT PLACE TO WORK”

A trend analysis of market performance data reveals that the margin by which 100 best companies are outperforming market is increasing by the year.

What enables this unique ability?

We believe it is the quality of talent they are able to attract and retain. Winning in the talent market makes the work place stand out. From an engagement perspective, 14% more employees want to stay longer in the organization and 19% look forward to coming to work, as compared to others.

In that case, what makes a work place get this right?

One where there is trust in people, pride in work and high engagement of people! Best workplaces have clearly focused in these key aspects.
Engagement challenges are similar in organizations, but the best work places have seen opportunities to facilitate change and transform in a phased manner and hence differentiated the employee experience over time. Sustained interventions and initiatives like Culture Building, HR Audit, Change management, Right Leadership, Competency building, Leveraging Data and Analytics &Process Automation to elevate people process maturity and improve cycle time for resolution make this possible.

What does BODHI Consultantsoffer?

BODHI Consultants, Partners this organization journey systematically through its service offerings via Assessments, Interventions and Follow up in the Organization Development space.
We have time tested and people tested approaches in working with organizations and facilitating the transformation journey through focused interventions across the spectrum of the organization through sustained interventions, initiatives and visible changes.

What is OD?

Organization Development is an effort planned, Organization-wide and managed from the top with collaboration from significant others, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions,” using behavioral-science knowledge, driven through sustained and focused initiatives with a blueprint of what, when and how to drive and where to change.
“Organization Development as a practice, enhances organizational performance and individual development, by increasing alignment among the various sub-systems within the overall organization system. OD interventions are inclusive methodologies and approaches to strategic planning, organization design, leadership development, change management, performance management, coaching, diversity, team building, and work/life balance.”

hire an OD Consultant?

Where expert consulting firms deliver recommendations based upon their technical knowledge in your sector, OD consultants empower the leader and the employees — the very people who actually know the work best — to think creatively about new ways of working, managing transitions and getting results. OD consultants are committed to facilitating and partnering the change desired with a framework of development and empowerment of people and enhancement of people processes. Since this is a Specialist area, the expertise of a practitioner is inevitable.

Why Bodhi??

Our practice of OD is strengthened by core values and principles that have evolved over time, based on experiences that guide behavior and actions and results.
Our principles in OD Practice(s) is focusedand encompass Theory, Applied Behavioural Science, Clients centricity, Systems, Process, Research and data all paving way for enhanced organization health and effectiveness with desired outcomes. We also:

  • work with you to identify and analyze your needs and help you implement customized solutions
  • team with you to help you lead change and gain buying and commitment
  • provide ongoing support to ensure success and outcomes are meet
  • help you to create an on-going sustainable change process and train your leadership team as internal consultant

Our strong and long collaborations with clients and their testimonials stand credence to our extensive knowledge and intensive practice.
Credentials can be seen : http://bodhi.co.in/client-testimonials-2/
Let us make the growth and transformation HAPPEN!!

Our bouquet of services in OD spans across :


BODHI’S TRUST MODEL C O R Eis an integrated and evolving of 4 dimensions and 8 principles. All the dimensions and principles have its own value, functionality and meaningfulness in building TRUST in organizations. Trust is more of a verb than noun in our context; and the result is not in the model but in understanding, accepting and executing the model with utmost faith by all stake holders. It has to be and should be ‘Top down’. The challenge for every leader of the organization is to understand and act the paradoxical philosophy of TRUST. That is ‘the forces which make trust more vital in the workplace are the same forces which destroys it’.Trust is one reflection of the way relationships are conducted between people in an organization.

Vision is a clear and comprehensive picture of an organization visualized at a definite point of time in future. Vision gives direction and a sense of purpose and identity for an entity and enhances focus and alignment in thinking and execution across the levels, backed by systematic planning for achieving the desired results. In other words Vision is “WHAT” the organization wants to achieve in future.
BODHI believes success of vision depends on its clarity and alignment across organization and has evolved a design that enables “SHARED VISION”.

Values are the starting point of the Vision to Action translation. Values describe the “’HOW” of the vision statement i.e. how will the leadership and employees behave towards each other, towards stakeholders and towards the community in realizing their vision.
BODHI helps in defining values that will enable consistency in leadership and employee thinking and behavior, which is the corner stone for any organizational change.

Culture is the manifested common theme in the canvas of the organization – visible in the way the organization (i.e. leadership and employees) responds, behaves treats and handles different situations. Culture emerges through the age of an organization by patterns and styles exhibited in the way things are done. The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization represent its culture. It is the invisible catalyst for a company’s growth or downfall.
BODHI helps build / change culture with characteristics that are consciously defined, understood and demonstrated in the organization.

Organizational change management isa framework for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise. Simply put, it addresses the people side of change management.
Change is difficult! Organization Transitions necessitate collective thinking at Leadership, meticulous planning and systematic execution across layers with defined ownership to reach the stated milestones with a short / medium and long term orientation.
BODHI has been successful in fostering long term relationships with companies facilitating the transition journey.

Effective Succession planning, continuity in Leadership and grooming the right talent from within are critical for an Organisation’s growth and transformation. BODHI works with “Culture Specific Models” to evolve and assess core competencies for Leadership Development in organisations, thereby identifying potential leaders and building an organization behavior towards the same.

Policy Deployment Facilitation

Policy (Strategy) Deployment based on Hoshin Kanri, a Japanese concept of is a proven method of Strategy Execution, by Cascading and aligning business objectives with Function Objectives & Role Objectives to drive progress and action at every level within the organisaiton and meet the desired targets at organization level. It increases the effectiveness of your organization. It adds focus and balance to the company’s objectives by meeting the needs of all stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the environment. Every action of each one is defined and accounted for.
BODHI has proven experience in end-to-end Policy Deployment with conceptual clarity backed by practical implementation success.

Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton’s concept of the balanced scorecard is a Strategy and Performance Management Tool that translates the strategy into four perspectives and goes beyond standard financial measures to include Customer perspective, Business Process perspective and Learning and growth perspective (people parameters) with a logical connection between them supported by design methods and automation tools, that can be used by managers to keep track of the execution of activities
BODHI has evolved anchored and partnered BSC implementation with clients with encouraging and visible results.

(Process Workshops by Process work trained expert)

Role Clarification

Understanding the Organisation Structure, hierarchy, positions and roles is key to reaching optimum performance goals desired in the organisation. BODHI helps in Role identification, in terms of dimensions like responsibilities, authority, span of control, performance outcomes et al and working without role conflicts.

Job Evaluation is systematically determining the relative worth of a job with relation to other jobs in an organization and assigning a rank, usually linked to compensation and restructuring decisions. BODHI works closely with the management in order to prepare ground, gain acceptance, form the job evaluation committee, identifying jobs to be evaluated, analyzing jobs, recommending the evaluation method and classifying the jobs into job bands for effective decisions / development plans. We also recommend periodic review of the jobs in order for Jobs to be aligned to business and environment realities.

The logical next step to Job Evaluation is to map out the competencies required for employees to deliver as per role expectations, bring out competency improvement plans and deploy suitable assessment techniques for coming out with a comprehensive competency based learning and growth plan. BODHI anchors this end to end with its unique methodology that customizes and adds value at every stage, partnering up to Assessment Centers through its own Assessment Tools / Psychometric Assessment, Development Plan implementation and Measurement of “Transfer of Learning”.

The first step towards effective performance management is the recognition that it is not an annual exercise or an end in itself, but rather a continuous process of monitoring, tracking data and incidents, giving feedback and providing the right support for optimal performance outputs in a role. BODHI gives a complete perspective to “Performance Management” and has customized performance management for clients, bringing out models, methodologies and tools that help reorient and enhance the Performance Management System with a view on Goals, Competencies, Performance Measures & Potential holistically.
In addition to this, from a cultural back-drop, to promote transparency, BODHI is a proponent of 360 degree feedback,&its own Assessment Tools / Psychometric Assessment, as reliable tools of Performance Management and helps right through from design, implementation, and administration to Analytics and Reporting with suggested Individual / Development Plan.

A Learning organization periodically updates itself and examines “relevance” of outlook, processes and practices. BODHI has the expertise of multi-industry employee life cycle models and has brought out a comprehensive tool to determine the health of existing HR subsystems in an organization in alignment with industry context and benchmarks. The overall HR processes are surveyed and audited to highlight areas as Green, Amber and Red and give recommendations on where, how and what needs to be stepped up in a phased manner. It is a great fillip for SMEs as they can evolve HR function in a phased and easy manner.

BODHI comes with a combined industry, functional and consulting experience of over 100 person years that lends the Functional Consultation for automation of the entire gamut of HR with a proven ‘Hire to Rehire’ approach, in turn linked visible improvements in efficiency of processes and practices.