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Psychometric Count



‘Psyche’ means mind and ‘Metric ‘ means measurement, hence in toto it means
Measuring the mind. There are various types of psychometric tests which can assess one’s IQ, EQ, Personality, Aptitude, and Interest and so on.

Career Mapping

Psycho Profiling (PP) is widely used in the areas of Career Mapping /Career Profiling. This profiling helps students to choose from many options and decide their career path.

Bodhi’s PP – Career Sure Test is developed by a team of psychologists who have expertise in the field of Educational and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Education and Career Guidance. It has been meticulously tested by individuals, educational institutions and corporate houses.
Career Sure Test (CST™)
1. CST:

  • CST assesses Students Interests, Internal Motivators (what actually motivates one or the absence of motivators), Aptitude (one’s logical and abstract reasoning, mechanical, numerical, spatial, verbal potential) and Personality (one’s basic traits, emotional and behavioral, personal values, Interpersonal style and need, Decision making, Planning, Time management etc.,) components to identify their accurate career fit.
  • CST provides an integrated report combining all the above factors.
  • Following four individual reports are available:
  • 1. Interest & Internal Motivators Report.
    2. Aptitude Report.
    3. Personality Report along with one’s strengths and areas for improvements/ suggestions to improve.
    4. Final Report consisting of Career/Job preferences.

1.1 Methodology:

  • Bodhi’s tests can be administered through online. Alternatively this also can be conducted through OMR sheets in batches of 100 students per batch. 2-3 batches can be run simultaneously in different rooms within the school premises. The duration for each batch will be 3-3 ½ hours.

1.2 Counseling:

  • The test will be followed by a counseling session where we involve both the students and their parents. We enable them with clarifications to all their queries in the area of career, studies, job and course, colleges etc., The session is normally conducted by our career counselors in a group of 50 students.

1.3 Target Group:

  • CST-College Change the target group as College Students from 9th Std -12th Std.

1.4 Benefits:

  • Awareness of one’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Identifying the right career at the right age.
  • Ensuring lead time to develop one’s potential to prepare for the right career.
  • Saving time and money as one knows where and how to apply talent and skills.
  • Avoiding disappointment and frustration in adulthood.
  • Planning for the right courses and colleges.
  • Uncluttered study plans to get high marks.

1.5 Unique feature.

  • An integrated assessment combining Interest, Internal motivators, Aptitude (Verbal, Numerical, Logical, Spatial, Mechanical and Closure) and Personality is done. To mention here, most tests for school children available in the market cover either one or two of the above said headings.

Schools Client:

  • SBOA
  • Good Shepherd
  • Velammal Group of Institutions
  • DAV Girls High School – Gopalapuram
  • Omega International
  • TI School, Ambattur
  • CK School (Cavin Kare) Cuddalore
  • Kalaimagal School

Contact Details:
For any information regarding CST – Contact Us

  • Must be a high school student / 9th std and above
  • Students who do not know which subjects they have to choose in plus 1
  • Do not know what to do after plus 2
  • Anyone who is confused about one’s career
  • I know what I want to do but like to check whether I do posses right interest,
    skills & personality
  • I am already in college but not interested in the subject or not able to cope up,
    can I shift to a new course?
  • I am not sure whether to study further or to work
  • I am employed and I want to study further
  • I am employed but want to switch job

This test assess one’s Interest, Internal Motivators, Aptitude & Personality.

Yes you can.

  • A college student, one who wants to assess his/ her employability level, be it technical or non-technical.
  • Colleges who are interested to know about their students’ employability level.

This test assesses the skills namely Cognitive, Functional and People.

a. Who can avail Employability Quotient test for Adults?

  • Any working Professionals or Unemployed, who wants to assess one’s employability level, be it technical or non-technical
  • This test also assesses the skills namely Cognitive, Functional and People.

Corporates, Companies, Organization and Institution can use this tool for their selection, recruitment, promotion, job rotations and also for training purposes. This test can be availed at 2 levels, namely Executive and Managerial level.

At Executive Level:
This test helps to recruit / select the right candidate for the right position (0-2 Years) be it technical or non-technical. It assesses one’s Cognitive Skill, Functional Skill and People’s skill.
At Managerial Level:
This test helps to recruit /select the right candidate for the right position (Junior to senior positions) be it technical or non-technical. It assesses one’s Cognitive Skill, Functional Skill, People’s skill & Managerial Skill.

Any Teacher/Faculty, who wants to be aware of “Who I am “and “Where I am “in terms of employability. And also improve further to become competitive in the market.

This test can be availed at 2 levels, namely:

Sales Fit Executive:
Any Company or Corporate who wants to recruit /select the right sales executives of 0-2 years of experience.

This test assess, namely: Cognitive Skill, Functional Skill, People’s Skill, and Executive Skill.

Sales Fit Managers:

Any Company or Corporate who wants to recruit /select the right sales Managers.

This test assess, namely: Cognitive Skill, Functional Skill, People’s Skill, and Managerial Skill.

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Along with the ID /PW you will get an instruction page which is self explanatory about the test. Follow the instruction carefully.

Once you finished the test you will get the report automatically. In case you have no got the report check which e mail ID you have provided or in SPAM. Still you do not have the report, do not worry please send a e mail with your ID / PW to bodhi@bodhi.co.in and we will send your report.

Tests have to be taken at a stretch except you may like to relax for few minutes not exceeding 5 minutes during aptitude test. If anyone not adhering to this will find his/ her ID will get locked.

ID / PW can work for only 3 times and it will get locked thereafter.

Yes, You can. There is a possibility of you acquired / improved few skills and changed your attitude. Normally there will not be any drastic change in any one’s aptitude & attitude in short span of time unless some traumatic or dramatic events had taken place.

No please. After all this is not exam and this is mainly for you understand and you’re your future / career / life.

Yes. You have to pay separately and the fee for counseling is mentioned in the covering letter of the report.

No. It is only optional. The reasons why an individual or parents of the student copt for personal counseling: – Most of the people / parent would like to know why particular career is suggested

Yes, all the following tests are patented. Career Sure Test (CST), Employability Quotient (Emp Q) and Right Fit.

Yes, all our tests are statistically validated for Reliability and Validity.

Yes, normally schools and colleges take tests in a group.

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