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Teachers Competencies Assessment

About the assessment & usage:
The teaching, teacher and the taught are changing constantly in our socio-eco-political condition and the “teaching journey” becomes more challenging to all stakeholders. Hence the role of a teacher/faculty needs to be understood in a comprehensive manner rather than merely possession and deployment of knowledge.

Advancement of technology, relevance of curriculum, psychological dimensions of students, parental demands and societal pressure have redefined the current role of a teacher/faculty be it in school education or higher education. Many institutions are struggling to cope up with these issues and are pushed into an ambiguous situation of not knowing how to proceed further in terms of ‘making teachers/faculty ready’ to face the current challenges.

Keeping the above challenges in mind BODHI has deftly crafted a comprehensive Psychometric Tool named Teachers / Faculty Competencies Assessment (TeaCom) with multiple usages by its skilful artisans endowed with passion & acumen in this domain. Primarily this can be used by anyone who likes to ‘check’ teacher’s/faculty’s present & future competencies.

The secondary usages which could assess the following competencies:

  • An integrated/inclusive understanding of Personality & Aptitude.
  • Awareness of “Who I am?” and “Where I am?” in terms of one’s employability.
  • Interpret the report to realise the suitability in the market.
  • Access the relevant training needs to improve further to become competitive.
  • Reduce the risk of losing jobs by proper guidance.

Competencies Matter:
ASK (Attitude, Skill & Knowledge) is interdependent in nature in shaping a person holistically to become employable to deployable. One influences the other and so on. However, to become aware, focus and develop one must know what are his/her strengths and Areas for Improvement-specifically. Hence, our assessment individually measures the following Skills/Personality and categorizes them in an orderly/easy manner.

  • Cognitive Skill
  • Functional Skill
  • People’s Skill
  • Introvert / Extrovert.

Eligibility: Faculty of schools and colleges