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Sales Fit(Executives)

About the assessment & Usage:

Often organisations & business owners find that newly hired sales executives quit their service untimely or fail to live upto their expectations inspite continuous training. Sales people know what they are supposed to do, but they can’t seem to pull it off; atleast not to the level at they were expected to. This is mainly due to selection of the ‘wrong fit’ which is an increasing concern for the HR Department.

A right blend of skills and personality traits, suitable to the sales position is pivotal for any sales team to perform effectively. Skill is something to be trained while trait is inherent. Even the best interviewer may find it difficult to uncover the hidden weaknesses that will impede a sales person’s performance. Distinguishing and identifying one’s competency through one’s skills and traits is an art and some experienced sales people can hoodwink the interviewer as they are able to charm someone into liking them.

This is where the assessment tool comes into play – by revealing one’s traits / skills from which one can infer whether the prospective employee is the “right or wrong fit” for the concerned position.

How is BODHI’S SALES FIT (EXECUTIVE)profiling different from others?

Close scrutiny of most personality assessment tools available globally will reveal that each personality is put into a straight jacket irrespective of their variable scores. A classic example would be the classification of the highly Extrovert and moderately Extrovert personalities – both fall under the “Extrovert” tag and carry the same reports as their scoring have no bearing on their traits. On the other hand, we radically differ with the above outcome as we have experienced dissimilar traits in them although the above both are ‘Extrovert’. Extra version is one of the preferred traits of a salesperson irrespective of position.With these crucial points in mind, BODHI’s skilful artisans have deftly crafted an assessment tool with multiple usages. Their passion and acumen in this domain has brought the test closer to accuracy- both in its use and application.As the Vice Chairman of a leading MNC puts it across, Bodhi’s “Psychometric Test” integrates one’s aptitude, IQ, EQ and personality. The test results of “Bodhi’s Psychometric Test’ has been one of the rarest times when the company’s knowledge of a person and a report has matched closely. Bodhi believes that this integration and utmost accuracy of reports brings an organization closer to what“they need to know”. Our test is a patented tool primarily aimed at providing organizations/institutions the ability to the select an employee who is best suited for their needs.

The secondary usages are:

  • An integrated / inclusive understanding of Personality & Aptitude
  • Present & future employability skills
  • Awareness of ‘Who is this person? and ‘Where Is he / she?
  • Horizontal & vertical need of a person in terms of responsibility
  • Scope of identifying mentor & coach
  • Identifying leaders etc.,

2.Competencies Matter

ASK (Attitude, Skill & Knowledge) are interdependent in nature and help to shape people holistically.These factors take them from being just employable to deployable. Apart from these factors, in order to become aware, focus and develop one must be able to decipher what his/her areas of improvement are. Leveraging one’s strength also should be a part of this process of development. Our assessment individually measures the following skills and categorizes them in an orderly and straightforward manner:

They are:

1) Cognitive Skill 2) Functional Skill 3) Executive Skill 4) People’s Skill 5) Introvert / Extrovert

Eligibility: Any company or corporate who wants to recruit/select the right sales executives of 0-2 years experience.