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Over View of Psychometric Test

The word psychometric is formed from the Greek words for mental and measurement. Psychometric Tests attempt to objectively measure aspects of one’s mental ability / personality. We are most likely to encounter psychometric testing as part of selection process of career / recruitment.

BODHI’s Psychometric Tests:

  • Career Sure Test™ (For high school students)
  • Employability Quotient™ (For all college students)

Please note: The above tests are patented by BODHI.

Career Sure Test (CST)


Research shows that children who plan their right career show more interest towards their studies as they take ownership for their development. On the contrary, others who don’t plan their career may perform ineffectively in their studies and career. Even best performers in their jobs may not have inner peace and find it difficult to change their career as they are already in it. To alleviate this, we have done intensive work and developed an ‘integrated psychometric instrument’ which is more suited to our students to identify their right career at this early age itself. These tests could very accurately identify one’s innate strengths in terms of Interests & Internal motivators, Aptitude, and Personality and align it with the career where they can be happy and successful. Even academically poor performers have turned out to be star performers in later years as their innate abilities are identified and channelized at the right time by our integrated approach.


  • High School students
  • Able to use computer
  • who can read & understand English

log on to http://bodhi.co.in/faqs/ for more info.

Employability Quotient (Emp Q)

About the Assessment & Usage:

India is a name to reckon with on the world map and major global Corporates are setting up shops in India to tap the valuable human resource potential here. Careers and Jobs are being redefined, paving the way for the emergence of new and different job profiles. Education is undergoing a radical change as ‘Employability’ becomes a key factor. But the sad fact is that although we generate more than million skilled man power annually, as much as 30 per cent of the engineering graduates and 70 per cent of the Humanities graduates do not meet the criteria of employability as they are not aware their ‘level of employability potential’.

As the concern for quality of people increases, employers demand a plug and play situation rather than placing their bets inflating training costs. To assuage this BODHI has deftly crafted an assessment tool with multiple usages by its skilful artisans who are endowed with passion & acumen in this domain. ‘Bodhi’s Employability Quotient (Emp Q™) is a patented tool which primarily be used by anyone who wishes to check his/her present and future employability skills.The secondary usages are:

  • An integrated / inclusive understanding of Personality & Aptitude
  • Awareness of ‘Who I am? and ‘Where I am?’
  • Interpret the report to realise the suitability in the market
  • Access the relevant training needs to improve further to become competitive in the Industry ·Reduce the risk of losing jobs by proper guidance
  • Best document for any individual to express oneself when he / she is asked in an interview to say something about self
Employability Skills Matter

ASK  (Attitude, Skill & Knowledge) are interdependent in nature and help to shape a person holistically. These factors take them from being just employable to deployable. Apart from these factors In order to become aware, focus and develop one must be able to decipher what his / her areas of improvement are. Leveraging one’s strength also should be a part of this process of development.

Skill we assess:

Our assessment individually measures the following skills and categorizes them in an orderly and straightforward manner.
They are:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Functional Skills
  • People Skills
  • college students able to use computer
  • able to read & understand English

Administering the tests

The above both tests can be administered in the following manner:

  • Online- through computer or
  • OMR (Optical Mark Reader) – Paper & Pencil

Profile of Franchisee:

  • Must be a graduate
  • Contacts with education sectors
  • Able to communicate well in English
  • Preference will be given to Educational Consultancies, Training Firms
  • Person for marketing in the field
  • Need to have an office space / an exclusive office space in home
  • One computer, one scanner, printer

If you are keen to associate with us please send a mail to: raj@bodhi.co.in with the following details:

Name – age – address – qualification – previous work experience if any – what interests you in this venture – how do you intend to do market these products (brief note) You may use our enquiry format also.